Lurking gator.

Date : June 15, 2014
Lurking gator.

Alligator swimming directly towards photographer
Or more precisely: rapidly approaching gator. As seen at Huntington Beach State Park.

So I was minding my own business, taking some pictures of the wildlife in the park, when I caught this guy’s attention. Clearly not amused with my paparazzi antics, he turned in my direction with a rather annoyed look on his face. He then proceeded to swim directly towards the outlook point where I was clicking my camera button from the safety of a raised, planked and banistered walkway. So I really had no reason to worry.

I learned today, that gators can swim faster than I expected. This one reached my wonderful perch in seconds. I was thrilled with the resulting closeup photo opportunities.

Imagine my surprise, when instead of stopping to pose for me near the edge of my platform -or, considering his apparent mood, to ask me what the *#^%$! I thought I was doing- he coolly slid underneath the planks to reach the shore on which the entrance to my little bastion was situated.

Having taken quite enough pictures by then, and not wanting to take up any more of Mr. Gator’s time, I thought it best to get back on my bicycle and let him enjoy the serenity of his natural environment all by himself.