Have kittens! Diesel & Savannah

Category : Cats, Life, Miami
Date : July 19, 2010

If you know any cat lovers in the Miami area, please spread the word!!!  These are only two of the many cats my good friends and mega-hearted cat rescuers Jan & Jim take care of, and they would like to find them all good homes.  So here are the first two Featured Kitties.  Please adopt these kittens, they need a good home!

Please Adopt Diesel Please Adopt Diesel Please adopt Diesel

Please adopt Savannah Please adopt Savannah Please adopt Savannah

Top cat is Diesel, so named because he fell into the engine of an old research vessel and had to be cleaned up with Dawn, just like the poor oil soaked birds in the Gulf.  He recovered just fine, and loves good company with lots of pets and snuggles.  Below is Diesel’s adorable sister, Savannah.  She’s a little more independent than Diesel, but still loves to have her tummy rubbed.  Both cats are already used to small children – my three-year-old picks them up whenever we visit!

These are the youngest kittens at Jan & Jim’s at the moment.  If you’re interested in adopting them, or would like to know what other cats are up for adoption, please call Jan and Jim at 305-541-8181.  Again, please tell a (Miami) friend!!!