Winter fashion

Category : Life, Miami
Date : January 3, 2010

47 degrees (8°C) this morning (45°F/7°C with windchill!) and I’m eagerly anticipating the spectacle on these rare days where Miami comes out in its winter best. I think the average cold weather outfit in this town dates back to the mid-90s, with some valiantly, permanently stuck in the 70s. But hey, flannel is back and vintage is huge!

I’m dying to go outside to see what has emerged from the stuffy deepest corners of closets all around the city, but I’m afraid that upon viewing last year’s local winter wonders I felt compelled to donate my 10 year old winter jacket to Goodwill. And you know 47 is pretty cold for someone who does not own a winter coat.

So I think I will save my 5 year old sweater dress/long sleeve tee/super large scarf, paired with jeans and 10 year old boots (I know, but it’s COLD, though – and they do have buckles…) plus BRAND NEW arm warmers until around 10 am, when accuweather tells me it will have heated up to a just barely more humane 54…